Tuesday, March 31, 2015

E-governance in India

At present in India, the traditional infrastructure is being utilised for e-governance. Cloud computing in government of India can provide efficient usage of infrastructure and resources. The lack of resources in certain regions of India can be discriminated by making use of cloud services effectively and efficiently. 

Society for Promotion of e-governance, defines e-governance as follows:
E-governance is the application of information & communication technologies to transform the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of informational & transactional exchanges with in government, between govt. & govt. agencies of National, State, Municipal & Local levels, citizen & businesses, and to empower citizens through access & use of information.

India being a developing country implements the traditional infrastructure for e-governance. The Indian government can improvise in e-governance by implementing cloud computing and bringing awareness programs for its IT departments.  With implementation of cloud, the services are virtualized, and hence the services can be moved from physical server to other, based on the policies. Cloud computing can also provide storage, access and backup services alongside the servers.

Depending on the economical, technical, political, cultural, security and privacy reasons e-governance has certain requirements. These requirements drive the government to automate numerous applications. G2G (Government to Government), G2E (Government to Enterprise), G2B (Government to Business) and G2C (Government to Consumer) are the requirements.

Cloud computing can help in disaster recovery procedures as well.  Natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, wars will cause loss of information of various departments. During such times, cloud computing will help in recovery procedures. 

With Intel http://www.intel.in/  taking the initiative for #DigitalIindia a lot of  development can be observed in e-governance in India.

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