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Guru Shishya Parampare

In India, the Guru Shishya parampare is the traditional way of learning or acquiring knowledge. Even if it is the vedas, music or medicine, the knowledge was passed on by the Guru to his/her disciple in small amount for a long period of time. The Guru always has the capability to understand the capacity of a student and decides how much a student can learn. If a Guru is unhappy with his/her student, he/she might not teach anything but give an opportunity to assist them. A disciple completely surrenders to the Guru and offers "seva" in return for the knowledge.
"Vidya" or "knowledge" is expressed as a sacred blessing in India, for which, a Guru used to choose his disciples carefully. A fear that the disciple may misuse his/her teachings, would make them teach only to family members. The outsiders accepted as disciples would be taught very less and only an exceptional talent could master a top level of knowledge by sheer perseverance.  It is said that Ustad A…
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Devotional Music

The term devotional music doesn't have a particular definition. The language and cultural variation in India is very vast and the interpretations of Devotional music leads to fantastic diversity. Often performed at gatherings, Devotional music is commonly described as "Bhajan" all over India. "Gurubani" in Punjab, "Keertan" in Bengal, "Dasara Sahitya" in Karnataka, "Tevaram or Tirupugazh" in Tamil Nadu, "Ram charit manas" in Uttar Pradesh etc.
Devotional Music are often a contribution to Gods and Godesses, or expression of feelings towards spirituality. The technical perfection of "taala" and "raga" are not mandatory in Devotional songs but the perfection increases the depth and evokes the spiritual feelings. It's said that pronunciation of the lyrics is of utmost importance. The contributions by Pandit Onkar Nath, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit D.V. Paluskar, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan created an aur…


Discipline The meaning from the Oxford dictionary: Middle English (in the sense ‘mortification by scourging oneself’): via Old French from Latin disciplina ‘instruction, knowledge’, from discipulus Discipline (noun): 1.The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. 2.The controlled behaviour resulting from such training. 3.Activity that provides mental or physical training. 4.A system of rules of conduct. 5.A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education. Discipine (verb): 1.Train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. 2.Punish or rebuke formally for an offence. 3.(discipline oneself to do something) Train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.
Discipline in school: In school, discipline is about the institution having code of conduct, scheme for behaviour, punishment to balance the students and keep the school regulations and classrooms in sequence…

She scoops to Conquer

She scoops to conquer, I argued with my hubby who was knitting his brows and kept on telling me it was "stoops not scoops". Anyhow I was the winner when he left the place helplessly.
This scooping started fascinating me eversince I noticed its important role in daily life. She is the efficient housewife who distributes small quantity of ice-cream among a fairly large number of kids by "scooping" it tactfully. She has to "scoop" out the indolence of her husband and make him active. If she doesn't, the husband keeps on reading the newspaper and has to rush to the office without a bath and breakfast. She has to know how to "scoop" out the extra pocket money of  stingy husband's purse for her dear kids. She "scoops" the arithmetic of her expenditures namely sarees, lipsticks,sandals out of his brain and induces the mathematics of his extravagance namely cigarettes, coffee, cinema etc. She "scoops" out time to visit a beaut…


Runa means repaying the debt. Runa is a very vast topic and cannot be covered in an article or two.
This debt (Runa) may be in the form of materials, deeds, feelings.

Generally we hear about
Maatru Runa: Debt of the Mother
Pithru Runa: Debt of the father
Annadaata Runa: Debt of those who have provided food
Ashraya Runa: Debt of those who have provided shelter
Nelada Runa: Debt of the motherland
Guruvina Runa: Debt of the knowledge given by the teacher
Neerina Runa: Debt of the water bodies which provided water

Repaying these debts may take place in this birth or next birth.
Runa is mentioned in Epic stories such as Mahabharatha. Runa is also mentioned in Vedas, Puranas and ancient scriptures which have existed since thousands of years.
In Mahabharatha, Karna repays the debt of his mother (Maatru Runa) by sacrificing his own life.
In Ramayana, the squirrel helps Rama to construct the bridge to Sri Lanka. Rama repays the debt by displaying love and affection (Preeti Runa) to the squirrel by pe…

ಬದುಕಲು ಬಿಡು

ದಿಕ್ಕೆಡೆಸಿ, ಕಂಗೆಡಿಸಿ, ಮನ ನೋಯಿಸುವೆ ನೀ
ನಾ ಬೀದಿಪಾಲಾಗಬೇಕೆಂಬ ಆಸೆ ಏಕೆ?
ಒಡಹುಟ್ಟಿದವರಲ್ಲವೆ ನಾನು ನೀನು?
ಕೂಡಿ, ಬದುಕಿ, ಬಾಳಿ ಎಂದವರ ಮನೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಹುಟ್ಟಿ ಹೀಗೇಕೆನುವೆ ನೀ?
ದೇವರ ನಾಮ ನುಡಿಯುತ್ತಾ, ಹಿರಿಯರು ತೋರಿದ ಹಾದಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ನಡೆಯುವುದನ್ನು ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಬಾರದು ನನಗೆ ಬೇರೇನು.
ಬದುಕಲು ಬಿಡು ನನ್ನನ್ನು ಓ ಸುಖಜೀವಿ
ಎಂದಿಗೂ ಮರೆಯೆನು ನಾ ನಿನ್ನ ಋಣವನು
ಬದುಕಲು ಬಿಡು ನನ್ನನ್ನು ಓ ಸುಖಜೀವಿ

ಜಾಹ್ನವಿ. ಕೆ. ಜೆ

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs' dictionary meaning is: "an imaginary area of the sky containing the positions of the sun, the moon and the main planets, divided into 12 equal parts, named after 12 groups of stars.
It is interesting to see how these stars effect the life of each individual living on Earth.
This study of stars is an ancient science which rises curiosity in everyone. The study depends on the date of birth of the individual in the western countries and on the birth star in the Hindu astrology.
The zodiac signs plays a vital role in match making and other aspects in Indian arranged marriage.
Some people have strong beliefs in the forecast of these zodiac signs.
However I do not believe in the predictions of the zodiac signs :)

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