Friday, May 1, 2015

Earth is Calling

Living in the IT world of Bengaluru we generally forget to reduce the impact on environment caused by us.The more the carbon is being let out into our atmosphere, the more it contributes to global warming. Even though we are educated and are working in the IT industry we do not care much about measuring our carbon footprint. By measuring the amount of carbon we release in each of our activities, we can cut down and reduce the carbon amount we leave into the atmosphere by taking some effective initiatives.

Our city is known for its IT hub. The infrastructure of the various MNCs are very huge. Each building can go green by including some very useful and effective green measures such as rain water harvesting system, solar heaters, eco-friendly air coolers, minimising the usage of plastic, usage of solar buggy, cycles, usage of low energy consuming lights and daylight sensors.

More initiatives can be taken if  each and every employees carbon footprint is measured every day in each department. The amount of energy consumed by one computer can be compared with the others and some strategy can be applied to reduce and manage the carbon footprint in the concerning departments. I have seen such an initiative being taken in Infosys. I have also come across companies who say that they are too small to take green initiatives. However small you are, you can always contribute to saving the environment by taking smaller strategies. Environmental education like conducting regular seminars for raising awareness about our environment in a cost effective way can help.

With the help of an NGO such as  each one of us can save our Earth by taking small steps in our own way. Together let us sing a hymn for mother Earth.

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